Monday, June 25, 2007

Suppress Selected eQuest Warning Dialogs

Topic: Certain eQuest warning dialogs can become a nuisance. Here's how to suppress some of them...

  • The 'Browse for Replacement CAD File' dialog:

  • Open the project PD2 file in a text editor, find the line where the DWG file is named, and delete it. Don't delete any other lines!!!


    CADFile "06129_Zoning_Plans - DWG"
    FileName = "06129_Zoning_Plans.dwg"
    FilePathOffset = 0
    ScaleUnits = 0
    ScaleValue = 1
    OriginX = -17923
    OriginY = -0.49998
    Azimuth = 0

    Delete the entire line beginning with 'FileName' (listed in red) containing the name of the drawing.

  • The 'Check for New Utility Rates' dialog:

  • Manually add the following line (listed in red) to the topmost "Proj" component in the project's PD2 file:

    Proj "SCL rate test"
    ProgramVersion = "eQUEST 3.61.5486"
    EnableAutoRateUpd = 0

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