Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Load Calculation Standard Reports

eQuest HVAC Load Calculation Report Package

  • 2D Keyed Diagrams: Screen-print 2-D diagrams to Adobe PDF and annotate
  • Print the following reports from the baseline .sim file for the select mechanical alternative:

    • BEPS - Building Energy Performance Summary. Summary of annual building energy consumption by end-use.
    • BEPU - Building Utility Performance. Summary of annual building demand at energy generation source.
    • LV-B - Summary of Spaces. Floor areas, equipment loads, occupants, and infiltration.
    • For Each System:
      • SS-A - System Loads Summary, Part 1. Peak heating and cooling loads by month for the select system.
      • SS-B - System Loads Summary, Part 2.
      • SS-B - Zone Loads Summary
      • SV-A - System Design Parameters
  • From eQuest Summary tabs
    • Air-Side Summary Report
    • Circulation Loop Summary
See also this post on standard input/output for energy reports...

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