Tuesday, December 12, 2006

eQuest Analysis Project Structure

Topic: How best to structure an eQuest analysis project?

The following is a suggested file naming convention for eQuest analysis projects:

  • project_name_baseline
  • project_name_baseline_envelope
  • project_name_baseline_electrical
  • project_name_alternate_#1
  • project_name_alternate_#2
  • project_name_alternate_#n
In order to work with the eQuest limit of analyzing up to five ECM groups side by side, the following procedure is suggested for separating envelope and electrical ECM groups from mechanical ECM group alternates.
  • Fully develop the mechanical baseline run analysis without ECM's, using code-minimum windows, walls and roofs.
  • Save as the envelope and electrical options as shown in the file naming convention above.
  • Add proposed envelope and electrical ECM's to the respective analysis run, and
  • Determine the recommended ECM package for each using the baseline mechanical equipment.
  • Analyze the mechanical ECM groups in the baseline and alternates, with the selected envelope and electrical ECM packages "rolled up", into a single ECM group.

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