Friday, December 15, 2006

eQuest Graphical Editor Notes

Topic: The eQuest graphical editor is simple, but the documentation for it is difficult to locate. This post is a quick-reference guide.

Use the following list of keyboard and mouse combinations within the eQuest graphical model editor window:

  • 'W' changes to wireframe view mode
  • 'S' changes to surface view mode (default)
  • Ctrl+ left mouse button allows 3D model orbiting with the mouse
  • Ctrl+ right mouse button allows 3D model zooming with the mouse
  • Right-clicking with the mouse deploys a context menu with additional options
If the building model "disappears" in the process of orbiting and zooming, click out of the 'Building Shell' on the toolbar, for instance to 'Internal Loads', then back to 'Building Shell'. Then right-click within the graphical display window and select 'Reset Camera'.

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