Wednesday, February 07, 2007

eQuest File Naming

Topic: Naming eQuest files in a consistent manner to create backups in the course of project development.

  • Jobname - Wizard: eQuest project name at the end of the Wizard checklist including custom window and door placement, but before initiating detailed edit mode.
  • Jobname - Envelope: eQuest project name at the end of envelope detailed edit modifications, including
    • Addition of walls and windows missing at the end of Wizard edit,
    • Renaming of spaces, zones and systems and
    • Assignment of baseline constructions, and
    • Schedule modifications
    • The model at this point is ready to begin simulation
  • Jobname: Working project file name. This file contains the 'moving forward' baseline simulation model.
Note: This is an outline procedure, it will be updated as time permits.

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