Monday, February 05, 2007

Updating eQuest Utility Rates

Topic: How to keep utility rates current by editing the library file.

  • Open the local eQLib.dat file with a text editor
  • Find utility rate section to be updated, e.g. search for 'PSE', 'SCL' or 'Snohomish'
  • Note the latest revision date at the beginning of the rate section
  • Change only the rate needed, e.g. Schedule 36, Schedule 31, Schedule 20 etc.
  • Add a 'rate changed', 'revised by' and 'date' comments for the latest revision
  • BE SURE TO TEST the rate update in an actual simulation!
  • If the test passes, run the 'Update eQuest' script to propagate the change
  • If the test fails, run the 'Restore eQuest' script and start over
  • If the test fails, DO NOT try to repair the library file as it may have been inadvertently damaged. Finding the damage is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, so best to limit losses and start over.
  • NEVER leave the library file in a broken condition, else it may be propagated to other workstations.
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