Thursday, July 26, 2007

eQuest Updates

Topic: The latest is version is 3.61, all HEI engineers please assure that you have this version installed after August 1, 2007

Install the latest version of eQuest directly from the first link below; see this document for a listing of enhanced features. The second link updates the local eQuest workstation version indicated with network job shortcuts, BDL code fragments and modifications to utility rate libraries:

Note: The above link(s) are only valid within the HEI intranet. Firefox users install the "IE Tab Plug-in", then right-click the link and select "Open in IE Tab" from the context menu.

'Update eQuest' obtains
  • The latest utility rates maintained in eQ_Lib.dat
  • Useful importable .inp code fragments such as chillers, boilers and circulation loops
  • Shortcuts to job energy simulation directories on the network
Please be advised that the 'Update eQuest' routine preserves any updates that you have made locally to the eQ_Lib.dat file, .inp code fragments, and job shortcuts. Your updates are then written to the server for propagation to other workstations. So please be sure to FIRST TEST YOUR UPDATES! The update process works swimmingly as long as we take care to assure that invalid files are NOT propagated to the server.

See this post for instructions on updating the eq_Lib.dat library utility rates.

If for any reason you need to revert back to the original files, run the 'Refresh eQuest' link above. This will overwrite your local eQ_Lib.dat file and ALL of your .inp code fragment and shortcut changes with copies from the server.

The 'Purge eQuest' link performs a similar function to 'Refresh eQuest', but in addition deletes any local .inp or .lnk files which don't exist on the server. This option is been provided to help terminate the propagation of code fragments or job shortcuts that are no longer valid and need to be deleted.

If invalid code fragments, job shortcuts or an eQ_Lib.dat file have been propagated to the server, follow this recovery procedure:
  • Delete the invalid files from the server
  • Backup files on a 'good' workstation, and run the 'Update' script
  • Run the 'Purge' script on all workstations containing invalid files.
Near future: Add creation of backup families similar to Acad to eQuest update...revise recovery procedure accordingly. Add script code window...

Note: Other readers please go to to download this version.

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