Friday, November 17, 2006

Mechanical ELCCA Questionnaire

Topic: Standard questions for the mechanical engineer.

ELCCA Workplan

  • Is there any documentation available from the eco-charette?
  • Is there a LEED 2.2 checklist available reflecting direction from the eco-charette?
  • What 'High-Performance' system would you like to model? Recommend ground-source heat pump, as this system also qualifies as the 'Renewable' system.
  • If not ground-source heat pump for High-Performance system, than what system would you like a model as the 'Renewable' energy system? Systems qualifying as 'Renewable' in the past include displacement ventilation, and any system coupled with natural ventilation.
  • What other two systems would you like a model? Suggestions include:
    • Water source heat pump.
    • Displacement ventilation.
    • Centralized air handler with zone duct coils.
    • Two-pipe or four-pipe blower coil with VAV or FPVAV.
  • Is there a kitchen in this project, and if so is it primarily gas or electric?
  • Do you anticipate the domestic hot water system to be gas or electric?

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