Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Using AutoCAD Building Systems for Area Takeoffs

Topic: Using the eSpace/Space feature of ABS to simplify area takeoffs for energy analysis purposes.

  • xref all floors of the building background to a new drawing, called say "JOBNUM_Area_Takeoffs.dwg"
  • Use 'OT' to set osnap tracking on, 'OM' to add midpoints
  • Use the 'ES' macro to draw an eSpace element
  • Don't use eSpace arcs, will not import into eQuest correctly. Use line segments to approx. arcs.
  • 'GNP' for general noplot layer for construction lines
  • draw spaces to midpoint of walls
  • insert 'Area Takeoff' schedule
  • attach property set to spaces if required

...needs work

Post text on ABS Exchange, link from here.

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