Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Standard Energy Efficiency Measures

Topic: Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) that may prove cost-effective in the context of typical ELCCA projects.

  • Daylighting
  • Heat recovery
  • Envelope improvements from Code Minimum up to ELCCA Prescriptives
    • Roof
    • Wall
    • Window & door
  • Demand ventilation
    • CO2 zone sensor control for large volumes, or
    • Lighting occupancy sensor control for offices and classrooms
      • If the electrical engineer is providing occupancy sensors for lighting control in the classrooms and possibly office areas, then interlocking the outside air damper operation to close when the lights are commanded off is a relatively simple energy saver.
      • Estimating the value of this EEM is variable depending on the school -- obviously high schools and colleges with classrooms that aren't necessarily used all day will have a higher diversity and thus stand to save more energy.
      • However if electrical is providing the occupancy sensor, then the marginal cost of interlocking for HVAC control should be minimal.
      • Given actual elementary school schedules for assemblies, lunch hours, recesses, field trips, and early dismissal a potential for savings exists -- but quantifying it is little more difficult.
  • Improved boiler efficiency
    • Typically improved from an 80% baseline to 85% or 88%
  • Improved lighting utilization per unit area over code specified maximum

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